Up to what shoe size does the ICEBOX hold?

- It holds up to size US14 - EU48 

How high can the ICEBOX crates be stacked on top of each other?

- All the way to the rooftop with no issues 

How high can the "ICE Grail BOX"  be stacked on top of each other?

- The Grail box can also be stacked up to 13 units on top of each other 

Where do you guys ship from?

- We ship from both our warehouses in Norway and Sweden

How long does shipping take?

- It usually take no more than 1-3 days domestically and 3-5 days internationally

Can I pick up my order from your warehouse?

- If your order is over 2000nok / 2000sek / 200€ , Email us

Can i return my order and get my money back if i am not satisfied? 

- yes, you are able to return your order within 14 days and receive a refund.